2010/11 Blog is Closed

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The time has come to archive this blog.  You can still visit the 2010/11 class blog but you will no longer be able sign in and write posts.

Former students are more than welcome to visit the new blog. It would be great to hear from you, just leave us a comment!

Ms. Scharf’s Top Ten

10. Reading your persuasive arguments about bringing a pet to school. I almost agreed. ALMOST.

9. Seeing all of your finished drums. I wish I had been at the drumming workshop with you! So fun!

8. Various book conversations. You are all such great readers!

7. Watching you all begin to see the connections between patterning and Chess.

6. Beating Kollie in a Bump demonstration.

5. Learning how to pronounce at least one Vietnamese word properly.

4. Watching and listening to you all sign, sing, or stand respectfully for our national anthem every time I was in.

3. Hallowe’en and Wax Museum hilarity.

2. Learning how much we all trust…or don’t trust each other… It’s okay however you are! It’s good to learn about ourselves.

1. Presentation day for Ice Storm Action Plans. You all learned so much! I was, and still am, so proud of all your hard work.

I had a great time getting to know you all this year. Grade 6s, good luck in grade 7! Remember that life is what you make it. You will choose new friends, keep old ones, join new activities, or continue working hard on hobbies you already have. Whatever choices you make, look for what you enjoy about them. Grade 5s, enjoy grade 6! It is a special time in your life when lots of younger people will look up to you (literally) and you can make a difference by being a positive role model. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Be good to each other.

Ms. Scharf

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day and happy summer holidays to all my students and their families. I am hoping that my students will continue to blog to us know what they are doing over the summer. I will continue to check the blog for posts and comments. Enjoy this long weekend.
A Canada Day riddle:
Question: How to you get a mob of unruly Canadians out of a swimming pool?
Answer: “Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but would you please get out of the swimming pool?”

Wednesday, June 29

One more day!

Tomorrow afternoon there will a be small celebration in the form of a movie for my class.  I’ll bring drinks and a snack for everyone.  Students are welcome to bring an extra snack for themselves if they wish.

Best Memories


1. The best memory is with Karen because she always made me laugh when we were skiing and we were on the bus.

2.  I really liked MrToft.ca because we can look at people’s posts and say something about them.

3.  I really had a good time with Leo Brooks.  I learnt a lot of drumming and the sounds.

4.  It was so fun presenting our skits to Mr. Dunford’s class.  Some of the skits were so funny.

5.  I learned a lot about how newspapers work because Mr. Toft told us some facts about newspapers.  We all did our own newspapers.  I liked the title of some people’s newspapers.

6.  I was so scared that our egg will break when Karen threw our egg protector down.  Bu luckily the egg was safe.  Some didn’t survive.

7.  I got to play recorder this year.  I was happy that I passed the red belt!  Recorder is so fun!

8.  Everyday we sang O Canada.  Some people did the hand signals, some didn’t sing, and some did.  It is the traditional way that we do it in Canada.

9.  We were advertising our cereal box.  My friend Karen named hers Awful Waffles!  It’s kind of wierd how she thought of that but that’s the way she wants.  Maybe that can grap people’s attention.  My box was called Bitz.

10.  I learned a lot of things at Parliament Hill.  They taught us how brave soldiers are.  What country they fought for.  I really think the soldiers were brave.

Memories of 2010/2011

Here are a few things I remember about this year:


  • The Parliament Buildings
  • Ski and snowboarding trips
  • Midsummer’s Night Dream at LDHSS
  • Ottawa Symphony
  • Grade 6 trip to Montreal

Class Activities

  • Social Studies board games
  • Skits with masks and recorded lines
  • Global Children’ Challenge (with pedometers)
  • Junior Achievement Business Basics
  • Recorder performance for Christmas concert
  • lots of art projects (Mayan names, Pop Art Cubes, 3D drawings, plasticene, etc.)
  • Visit from Mr. Klimchuk
  • Egg protectors
  • Flying devices
  • Balloon powered cars
  • Electrical circuits and quiz boards
  • Newspaper front page
  • Signing O Canada
  • Cereal boxes

School Events

  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Pass the Baton
  • drumming with Leo Brooks
  • Blades of Glory
  • Character Education Assemblies
  • Terry Fox Run

Acts of Nature

  • Extreme winds that blew water off school roof and elections signs all over the place
  • Sliding on the icy hill behind the play structure


  • we had two talented teachers work with us:  Mrs. McCosham and Ms. Scharf
  • French Café with Mme Hoffman

Techy Stuff

  • we had over 5000 visits to the class blog from people all over the world
  • Our Portable Radio Point of Views were on CBC radio several times
  • PortableRadio.ca won an award for being the Best Educational Podcast
  • 0ver 800 blog posts and over 1200 comments were left at MrToft.ca
  • BitStrip comics
  • Flash animation
  • Game Star Mechanic (make your own video games)
  • Skype interview with CEO of Elections Ontario

What are your best memories of the 2010/11?

Monday, June 27

In your agenda/Coming Up

  • Our last school newsletter for the year was sent home today.
  • Grade Six Leaving Ceremony begins at 9:30 tomorrow.  Parents and guests are advised to come a little earlier (i.e. 9:00 – 9:20)
  • Report cards go home Wednesday
  • Thursday is the last day of classes

Portable Radio to be on CBC this Monday!








I received this email from the producer of CBC radio’s Ottawa Morning:

Thanks Nathan!

I’m scheduling the podcast in for 8:15 a.m. on Monday. It’s wonderful! (I especially like the suggestion to the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.)
Denise Fung

Great work everyone!  You can listen on the radio at 91.5 FM or listen live online.

Visit PortableRadio.ca to hear our latest POV right now!