Graduation :)

I cant wait for graduation this year !

i cant wait to go to ldhss because it is a highschool and i cant wait to go to high school next year becuase im going to be with my older friends in ldhss .

i hope it is a fun year next year.

Why Can’t My Son Bring His Pet Ostrich To School ?

Hello there Mr. Toft.

 Hello Mr. and Mrs. R. what is your concern today?

 Well today my son James came home in a reckull ripped up mess.

 Oh no ! Did he get in a fight after school or at lunch?

¬†No this is way more serious Mr. Toft…

¬†Maybe bullied….?

¬†No Mr. Toft You wouldn‚Äôt let him bring his ostrich to school yesterday it would have been nice to have let the kids feel the ostrich and look at it and maybe even be nice to the pet …¬† but why didn‚Äôt you let that happen?

 Well I am sorry maybe next time you can bring it?

 No Mr. Toft!  I want James to bring it now! Okay maybe tomorrow the whole class can bring their pet to school.

happy valentine’s day guys!

happy valentine’s day guys,

i hope you guys get cards from your best friends

i hope you guys have a good time hanging out with friends and family

this is one of they best days of the year because we all gather around with my best friends and give out cards !

well i hope you have a good¬†valetine’s day!

group 2/ story map organizer

main characters: danny & Wendell

problems:¬†Danny¬†writes a story about the ocean but fails the story and his teacher tells him ”¬†Danny¬†if you don’t do another story on the ocean you are failing this class. ”

settings: his school, the ocean, his house, the bus stop, the old rusty dock

solutions: he goes with his¬†cousin¬†who lives in the ocean to learn more about the ocean he also needs to get a better mark on his paper so he¬†doesn’t¬†fail his class