This Halloween was soo fun becuase this year i saw my friend jhon. john was one of two kids that came trick or treating with. one of the other kids name was evan. evan was one of the other kids that i brought trick or treating with. this halloween was so fun .



I think math is a GREAT!! subject in school because you get exercise your brain. exersising your brain is like exercising your body it helps you so much in school. Math is so good 🙂 comment if you agree with me and philip 🙂


ms hughs’s grade two class room


Ms. hughs was my grade two teacher. Ms. hughs is one of the nicest, funny, awesome, intelligent, and she is the best teacher ever she always gave us cool test and awesome word searches. and she always let us do cool oppertunities like one time we got to see how much germs was on our hands with a purple germ watching machine. and the next time we got to make bread in a bread making machine but i got a green freezy because i am alergic to peunuts and it may contain peunuts. also i love the field trips that we went on. The field trip i like the most was the canadian mint. The canadian mint was so fun because we got to see how they make there money. first they pressed the money down and then we watched them teach us how the machine works.  And then we got to lift a gold bar.  It was very heavy.